Reinforcing Speech Language Skills at Home
Reinforcing Speech Language Skills
Students in kindergarten through fourth grade keep their written work in speech folders.  The speech folders are kept in the speech therapy room.  We generally do not send papers home, since a lot of our work in speech is oral. We like for the students to keep their minimal written inside of their speech folders for us to review and use during our therapy sessions.  However, if you are interested in helping your child with speech goals at home, please contact us.  Depending on the goals we are working on, we may be able to send home worksheets that target our IEP goals.  Also, we may be able to suggest activities you can do at home to reinforce our speech goals. 
The most important thing you can do to reinforce better speech and language skills is to read with your child!  Ask questions about what they have read.  "Wh" questions (who, what, when where, why) will increase their comprehension skills.  Critical stance questions (questions that help children think beyond the story, i.e.- What would the character have done if...  How would you have solved the problem...  Why do you think the character did this...) help your children develop critical thinking skills. 
For children with specific sound problems, remember to be patient. Sometimes children can produce the sounds perfectly in speech therapy, but still have difficulty producing their newly learned sounds in their everyday conversation.  When your child pronounces something incorrectly, continue to model the correct production for them.  Emphasize how you move your lips or tongue to make the target sound and try to have them repeat you, but never to the point of frustration.  Point out common error sounds in words when you are reading for enjoyment.  This will increase their awareness of the sound(s) in print.
Working with your child at home will greatly influence progress in speech, as we only see them for a limited time each week.