Are you concerned about your child's speech or language skills
Are you concerned about your child's
speech and/or language skills?
We can screen your child informally, and give you some idea about how your child is performing in accordance with peers the same age.  If a referral is warranted, we can assist you with this process.  We may also be able to give you some suggestions as to what you can do at home to help your child with speech-language needs.
In order for children to receive SI (speech-language impaired) services through Wayne County Public Schools, a referral is made to SAT (Student Assistance Team).  The referral can be from a parent, teacher, or other professional/adult involved with the child.  The SAT team works together to help the classroom teacher develop strategies to improve the child's speech-language performance.  If adequate progress is not noted in a set period of time, and if the team feels the child's speech-language skills are impeding his or her academic progress, a speech-language evaluation will be conducted at the end of the intervention period.  The results of this evaluation will be used to determine if a child is eligible for school speech-language services.  If eligible for therapy, the frequency of services will be determined based on need, and usually ranges from four to twelve times per month, depending on the child's needs. 
Keep in mind that school systems use different criteria for eligibility than private practices.  If a child has a speech-language difference that does not appear to impact the child academically or socially, that student may not be eligible for speech therapy services at school.  When selecting the frequency of services for eligible children, the IEP team strives to allow the child to have maximum time in his or her regular education setting.  Progress notes are sent home at the time of each report card distribution.
Speech-language services in schools have changed quite a bit over the years to benefit the child's education.