Medication Administration Tips for Parents



Medication Administration at School
Tips for Parents
   ALWAYS send prescribed or over the counter medications in its ORIGINAL container.  Do not send pills in a zip lock bag, staff will not know what the medications are and will not have instructions on how to administer medications.


      An Authorization for Medication Administration form MUST be filled in order for:
  •       Teachers to give medication.
  •      Student to administer medication to him/herself.
  •    Any medication to be given at the school both prescription or over the counter medications, on a daily basis or as needed.
  •     Anytime the dose changes for a medication.


    At the end of the school year you must physically come to pick up medications at the school. Teachers are not allowed to send a medication home with the student. Teachers will make at least two attempts to contact a parent/guardian to have them pick up the medication; if attempts fail, the teacher will discard of the medication in the school.
   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your student’s teacher or myself at 705-6020.