About the lab
Where students enjoy coming into the Computer Lab with their class's to work independently and with their class to work on projects, to learn to type on a computer keyboard, and to do research by accessing the website links.
 Every student (K through 4th grade) who attends Brodgen Primary School comes to the Computer Lab at least once a week.  Lesson plans vary from grade to grade but at one point or another everyone gets to use excellent educational games on the Internet, our typing program (Type to Learn), and Microsoft Word. 

If you want your child to participate in this great program please be sure to return the Acceptable Use Policy (blue form) that went home the first week of school.  Without that form your child will not be able to use the computers at the school. 

Accelerated Reader - The AR Program provides an opportunity for students to read and achieve at their own pace; building a lifelong love of reading and leaning. Students in grade 3-4 may read books on their level and may take tests to achieve points.