About Mrs. Whitman

My name is Lesley Whitman.  I was born in 1972 and have grown up and lived in the Dudley area most of my life.  After graduating from Southern Wayne High School in 1990, I attended Mount Olive College for three years.  I had a double major in Psychology and Visual Communications.  I then transferred to East Carolina, but before beginning, I had a death in my family that made it difficult to continue college.  I worked as a waitress for several years until, in 1994, I moved back to Dudley and became a 9-1-1 dispatcher for the Mount Olive Police Department.  While working there I met my husband, Chris. 


After two years of marriage, Chris and I were blessed with the birth of our daughter, Lindsey.  I became a stay-at-home mother and when she turned one, I opened a home daycare.  Three years later I rejoined the work force and went to work in a More-At-Four classroom as an instructional assistant.  This inspired me to return to college and pursue a degree that would allow me to teach young children. 


I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and graduated with honors.  I was fortunate enough to be hired at Brogden Primary as a kindergarten instructional assistant halfway through completing my degree.  I fell in love with kindergarten and became certain that early childhood is the age group and for me.  I hold a Kindergarten through Sixth Grade Teaching License with a Birth through Kindergarten add on License.  This is the beginning of my ninth year teaching, four years in kindergarten and four years in Pre-K and now back to Kindergarten!. 


My daughter Lindsey is now 16, still an only child, and is in eleventh grade.  My husband works at New Hanover Regional Medical Center as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic.  We have three dogs that live in the house with us. Pepper is the top dog.  She is a very ill-natured and jealous Chihuahua.  She is almost 10 and weighs about 13 pounds.  We have a seven-year-old American Bulldog mix named Onyx. She is a big baby.  We saved her from the animal shelter. Finally we have a white Chihuahua named Peanut.  She was found starving and neglected on my friend's back porch almost 4 years ago and we rescued her.  She's my favorite.


In my free time (which is rare), I enjoy reading.  I am usually reading something about child development or teaching strategies.  I also like to read self-help books related to family dynamics, spirituality and self-improvement (Dr. Phil, Dr. James Dobson, Joyce Meyer).  I also read comedy books that relate to real life (Erma Bombeck, Lewis Grizzard, Jeff Foxworthy), and true crimes (the minds of serial killers fascinates me).  I also have many books of questions (What if…, What do you think…, How do you feel about…).  You can learn a lot about yourself and other people. 


I also enjoy crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles to keep my mind sharp.  I collect Willow Tree Angels, hummingbird figurines, and frog figurines.