Welcome Presentation (2017-2018)
Chapter 1

Dear Parents/Guardian,

Welcome to the exciting world of Kindergarten! I hope that you and your family had an exciting and refreshing summer vacation. I am thrilled about having your child in my class this year! I have plans for a year filled with many discoveries for your child. Kindergarten is the first major milestone on the ladder to success in education, and I trust that you are as ready as I am to help guide your child’s journey in achieving this everlasting goal of accomplishments.


Lisa Hakes will be the Instructional Assistant working with our class this year. Mrs. Hakes has several years of experience as an educator and does an excellent job for our school. She has proven to be a true asset to every child that comes to know and love her! We are truly blessed and fortunate to have her as part of our “family” this year!


You will find a supply list at the end of this letter which includes items you will need to send for your child. These items will be used every day and will help make our school day run smoothly.


I hope that this packet will serve as a reference throughout the year whenever questions arise about our class schedule, discipline procedures, and so on. If, at any time, you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the school for an appointment. The phone number is 705-6020. You may also e-mail me at remaalawar@wcps.org or Mrs. Hakes at lisahakes@wcps.org . We are here for you and your family in hopes of helping your child succeeds in developing a zest for learning. Together, we will have a wonderful year!!


Ms. Alawar & Mrs. Hakes