Useful Websites

Edutopia is dedicated to improving the K-12 learning process through innovative, and evidence-based strategies that prepare students to thrive in their studies, careers, and adult lives.

It is a well designed site, targeting the learning process beyond Classroom. It improves the understanding level of the facts presented to the students by relating learning with practicing. It emphasizes the instruction projects what are working on Education. As teachers, it helps you to get the final trends in learning instructions, drawing your staregy in education, promoting your skills how to apply your knowledge within the classroom in the most effective way, resulted in improving the growth rate. It highlights the new learning thinkings, the knowledge processing and the mind's stimulating to information.

Finished product: Practice Maths & Language Arts ( K-12) targetting all grades till 8. The main focus is based on “assessment of students' performance” on each standard instantly, so you will have all the information you need to prepare them for standardized testing. Once the standards are selected, then you can view the appropriate skills and start practicing.

Going through the site, it is so informative and helpful. Easy to use and and understand the rules. No complication whatsoever. It is a friendly site, based on one concept: Practice your learning.

SRA FLEX Literacy is  built on a research-based instructional model , aiming high achievement for students who are struggling with reading (two or more years below grade level).

It is a well informative site, high tech interactive tools, Ongoing assessment ,easy to use and to follow. Assisting teachers in particular to decide the way ahead in their intruction processes, facilitate their mission to be efective in processing learning and knowlege to students. I haven’t used it personally, but two of my colleagues recommeded to use. I browsed the website and I followed a demo. It seems that it can be used in some stages in the classoom.

IFinished Product: comprehensive Reading & Language Arts Intervention System for struggling readers in grades 3 and above . It channels information to teachers and administrators through progress activity report of a student, classroom and school level., provides the teachers tools for


  • Planning

  • Classroom management

  • Resources for implementation

  • Helping teachers targetting instructions and meeting the needs of each student

  • Automatically populated Student performance data.

    It is a well designed and friendly site,based on one concept: Learning is FUN


    Reading Rockets is Multimedia literacy initiative, research-based strategy offering documentation as regards to Children having difficulty in reading or information processing, as well as the teachers who are trying to assist in meeting the needs of every student. It is trageting teachers, parents and others in building Child’s confidence in reading. It designs to support the teacchers on the effective ways on how to implement the Reading instructions and tools for planning and classroom management.. So It can achieve the desired target. Some of the tools used includess PBS television programs (available online and on DVD)..

    Finished product: Creating the basic skills of Reading in struggling students. The site is well organized. The demo videos will highlight the best feautures the site focus on.

    The site emphasizes its own concept: Teaching the Teacher to teach Reading. And as the site put it: Teaching Reading is a complex task and “ Is Rocket Science”