Overview - Mission Statement

For me, teaching is not only a source of living but  a passion with which we teachers can express our devotion and commitment to the preparation of a generation of young people, well equipped with skills and knowledge to face the life that is ahead of them. I really do believe that a teacher has a profound impact on a pupil’s personal, mental and intellectual development and such an impact will travel with them all of their lives. Being a mother of four children,  I sense deeply the value of education and the importance of implementing a good foundation based on mutual understanding and the setting up of good humanistic and moral standards to equip young people for the tasks they will face as their path in life unfolds. Therefore these pupils can proceed on their life paths from the very earliest phases of their childhood with confidence &  academic ability.


This has been my aim since joining the teaching profession and pursuing a career in Education. I  believe that "An Educated Society " is "A Peaceful Society", It removes the burden of insecurity and resolves many social issues, especially in a time where expectations are so high and the pressure from our modern society is sometimes unbearable.

Reading, Writing, Understanding, and Reasoning are the Teaching Basis to strengthen the Personal Development Of  Children and in my class, I focus on what I have developed over the years by myself the   " Humanistic & Caring Knowledge Methodology"   to implement these tasks and skills in my duties.

 I have been a formal teacher for more than 10 years. To be a teacher of Young Minds is one of the most rewarding demanding & important job ever. It is a great responsibility and one I bear with Great Pride & Honor.


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