Homework/Progress Report Procedure
Homework, Progress Report, Tests Procedure

Students will be given homework almost every day, with the exception of Fridays and extended holiday break periods. Each student will have a Homework folder labeled “Homework Folder” and an agenda. This folder and agenda will be taken home each afternoon and returned to school each morning, regardless of whether or not homework is assigned. The reason for this is so that any type of correspondence from school, such as a newsletter, memo, notes, etc will also be sent home together in their folder. Please review your child’s homework daily.

Your initials are required daily on the agenda.  It is important for you to set aside a quiet place for your child to complete their homework.  This allows your child to concentrate and focus on their assignments.

On Fridays, a “Progress Folder” will be sent home. This folder will have the work that your child completed that week. Also, any tests that were given that week will be inside the folder.  


Report Cards/Progress Reports

Progress reports will be sent home 3 weeks before report cards go home. It is important to review your child's work and grades in class. Report cards will be given each nine week period and sent home in an envelope. Please return the bottom portion of the report card the following school day.


Tests (Reading, Phonics, Math)

Each Friday, a test will be given in Reading, Phonics, and Math. These tests will measure how well your child understood the material for that week. It is very important that your child focuses in class to the material that is being taught.