Behavior Plan

Behavior Plan/Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations


Behavior Plan

In our class, each child that follows the rules and procedures will be rewarded. On Fridays, your child will be awarded according to the number of smiley faces he/she received throughout the week. Rewards are as follows:

3 Smiley Faces J=Big Sticker

4 Smiley Faces J=Big Sticker and Pencil

5 Smiley Faces J=Big Sticker, Pencil, 15 minutes of Fun Friday Time!


Consequences: Each child will begin with his/her day with a green card. In the event of inappropriate behavior, the following will take place:

1st Incident=Verbal Reminder

2nd Incident=card will move to Yellow, he/she will spend five minutes in the Refocus Area (The Lily Pad)

3rd Incident=Verbal Reminder, Card will move to Blue, he/she will visit a buddy room (10 minutes)

4th Incident=Card will move to Red, Phone Call/Note to Parent


If the child continues to disrupt instructional time, the parent will be contacted for a parent/student/teacher conference. If the parent is unable to be contacted, the student will be sent to the office with an official discipline referral.

If severe inappropriate behavior is displayed, the above steps will be skipped, and an immediate office referral will be made.


The card system is posted in the room for each student to see where he/she stands at all times.


Daily Report for Agendas

1. Smiley Face-Good Day!!

2. Straight Face-Acceptable Day! (Child had to be reminded several times, sent to Refocus/Buddy Room; Improvement is Needed)

3. Sad Face-Not a Good Day (Parent Phone Call/Note)